A graphic artist or graphic designer was previously called a typesetter/paste-up artist. That was before it was all computerized (and I weighed 103 lbs.). That was a long time ago.

I have always loved my profession. I make a piece of paper with a bunch of information that you wouldn’t want to read into a colorful, interesting brochure or flyer. You can find out all about something that is needed and necessary so it is worth your time to read about and, hopefully, you want badly enough to spend your hard earned money to have.

Every page of a website is now an extension of that piece of paper. Also, you have to have a business card to let people know your web address, phone number, email, etc. Businesses need invoices to charge you for what you’ve purchased. All of these things are created by a graphic artist.

That is my job.

I have had jobs where I was required to train other artists. That was fun and rewarding. I usually learned something from people I was training, too. As I have always said, “If you don’t learn something new everyday, you’re just not paying attention!”

DIY: I redid my kitchen with the help of my boys. It looks so good and was so reasonable, I was able to buy the upscale gas range with a griddle and convection oven and the matching microwave above. That is why I love DIY!

Home Dec: I enjoy everything from upholstery to curtains. I’ve shared same pictures on my hobbies page.

Sewing: I learned from my Grandma, Granny, and Mom to sew. I make gifts with embroidered designs/names which I can do with designs I make with my graphic artist skill set. All the kids and grandkids have a special Christmas stocking with their name embroidered. Real keepsakes. 

Interests: A year ago I found a podcast called Serial. It created a new passion for me. I am now contributing to different “Innocence Projects”. It’s is all about people who are in jail and are PROBABLY innocent. I can’t think of anything more tragic than a young person going into a correctional institution and being there for longer than the age they were when they were incarcerated.

A large problem seems to be that once the justice system gets a suspect, they have tunnel vision. The system then fights to keep from being proven wrong. This isn’t sports. The win/loss record for a DA should not be a consideration of whether he is a good DA. See my podcasts  page to see what I’ve been following if it interests you.

Family is what it is all about. I have two sons, three grandchildren, one sister, and one brother. 

My “Family” pages are of no interest to anyone except us but I can share with those still with me some video and photos that will make them smile. My mom and dad and one sister have passed so I’ve shared some of them here.

Look around if you like.