My new guilty pleasure.

Hundreds of thousands have signed up for Serial, a podcast about a young man who at 18 was arrested and found guilty of murdering a previous girlfriend. I have spent hours listening to a series of podcasts about this young man and am convinced he is innocent.

Many people came to the same opinion and a funny thing happened. They became active in creating other podcasts, crowd funding defense funds and state “Innocence Projects”. I won’t try to write here about their success. Please check them out at the links below.

The great thing about podcasts is you can download them to your computer or phone and listen to them while traveling, exercising, seating in the waiting room at the doctor or dentist office, etc. I listen straight from the website while I work. Downloading to your phone (or computer) keeps you from using up your minutes if you don’t have unlimited or your wifi has issues. Also, this is a good use of your time with no monetary investment. Save that money to donate to your local “Innocence Project” because most states have one. Warning: podcasts are addictive and they promote each other so you may be like me and get hooked.

If you get “deep in the weeds” with the Adnan Syed story, you will inevitably hear/read about Bob Ruff who started his own investigation into the problems outlined in the Serial and Undisclosed podcasts. The Frisky article below will tell you a lot about Bob Ruff and I agree with Amelia’s remarks 100%.

I’ve found many more podcasts I would recommend but this will get you started. You will then find the rest on your own I’m sure.